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Custom Electrical Controls for Industrial or Commercial Applications 

Since 1987, we have developed a broad base of experience in various industry sectors. Our area of expertise is in Process and Motor Controls.

We are CSA Certified to provide custom controls ranging from fractional horsepower motor starters to coordinated motor control assemblies up to 800 amps. 

With over 20 years of experience in applying various manufacturers PLC equipment we can offer you the solution you need.

Our customers are both equipment manufacturers, contractors and end users

Sample Projects:

  • Hydraulic Controls for Truck Loading Chutes, with wireless video for driver monitoring 
  • Pizza Dough System with automatic ingredient delivery and tote palletizing
  • HVAC Air Makeup & Exhaust Fan Controls for a major Service Centre Chain for their new/renovated facilities across Canada.
  • Furnace Temperature Control systems for aluminum casting.
  • Fountain and Lighting Controls rebuild for one of the largest amusement parks in Canada.
  • Combustion and Instrumentation equipment for Major manufacturer of Dryer equipment
  • Controls and operator interface for Continuous Smokehouse equipment. Used to cook and smoke hotdogs, sausages, bologna)
  • Fieldbus and Safety Instrumentation for integration with Major Petrochemical companies DCS and SIS equipment.
  • Wash Water treatment system for a multinational Paint Manufacturer 

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